stop what you’re doing and adore me


movie theaters are actually really cute like a bunch of strangers come together to watch a movie together with snacks and candy and laughing and crying aw good job movie theaters i see what you did there


Studied for 30 seconds I’m gonna rock this fuckin test 

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Have you ever realized that every book you’ve ever read is just a combination of 26 letters


Beachee. Photo By David Hanjani

Do you ever just meet one person

and at first it is awkward

then you start talking

and its like

“holy crap where have you been all my life”

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acne is so rude like hi bitch i didn’t ask you to invade my skin thanks though for being a piece of shit 


when you thirst follow someone and they follow back 


If you like her Instagram picture you might as well go fuck her in the ass cuz I know you want to you lying ugly piece of shit